In this guide, I’m exposing a MySQL service on its default port number 3306 from a Local Kubernetes Cluster(Spawned few VM in OpenStack and deployed k8s).

There are multiple ways to expose an application port in Kubernetes, such as NodePort, Ingress, Load-Balancer. Out of this, the NodePort is the simplest…

Kubernetes is a container orchestration engine which automates the deployment, scaling and management of your containerised cloud-native applications. I have used Kubernetes to deploy various applications in production on cloud and on-premise data centres.

I will explain here how I deployed the Kubernetes on my on-premise data-centre VMs. I have…

Namespaces are feature of Linux kernal, to provide a virtual grouping and isolation of processes for accessing a particular global resource in the system. Which means your process inside namespace will have a virtual isolated copy of the global system resource. …

Libu Jacob

Cloud/Networking Architect and Developer working in 5G/Teleco area. Interested in Kubernetes, MEC, Cloud, Networking, BigData etc.

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